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Meditating for Beginners

I know that meditating is good for the soul, but why is it so difficult? Why don't I make time for it every single day? My dear friend Tajie explained it to me as having Rituals and Remedies. That was catchy, and I liked it a lot. Don't we all have a morning ritual? What is yours?

I get up

Use the restroom

Drink some water from the bottle by my bed

Get dressed

Brush my teeth

Comb my hair

Put my contacts in

Make the bed ...

and head to the gym to meet my workout buddy Laura. Why can't I just incorporate a ten minute meditation into my morning?

In one of my sessions with Jesus, he called me out. "I see you in bed looking at emails and social media Debra."

He caught me! Part of my excuse was if I didn't get moving I wouldn't get to the gym on time. It's an excuse, I realize that. Jesus told me of all the benefits of meditation, yet I haven't made it a daily practice however it IS on the LIST!

I have tried apps, YouTube, guided CD's (yes, I am old school), Jay Shetty, who is wonderful by the way, and Gabby Bernstein has an amazing 21 day program, but then what? I guess I could start the 21 days over again. Jesus reminds me to schedule it to make it a habit. That is my goal for this year. In the quiet moments of the day to sit in peace and listen for what comes in.

I will update you on my progress and I would be happy to hear your tips to successfully have this become a ritual! I know they are waiting to connect and help us from the other side!

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